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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Innkeeper‏

First of all. The Doctors appointment went great! You have no need to worry! It was really funny (probably more funny for me than for you) but I was explaining to him my symptoms and he was doing some tests with my balance and different things of the sort. And he said "well you seem healthy so that's good. We can almost rule out tumors ." Hahaha sister Rogers and I shoot each other a look saying "wow.. Thanks doc. We hadn't even thought of that one." So that was funny. He did have a hard time figuring out what he wanted to do because I don't have the typical symptoms of a migraine, but he gave me a migraine medication that has been working pretty well, so that's good.
Second of all. Transfers are next week. Chances are, I'm not staying in Irondequoit. (That means if I don't email next Tuesday, I got transferred and my pday is on a different day. Pdays differ for the sisters depending on which area you're in! So don't freak out and email president again!;) haha) I'm pretty bummed because I love it here! This is my training area! 2 transfers with sister Andrus training me and 2 transfers training sister Rogers. There have been SO MANY wonderful memories here. But it's ok. The Lord knows where I need to go and there are more memories to make in other places! It'll just be super weird being somewhere else for Christmas. Good things are ahead though!:) I'm excited!
So this week we've had a couple funny incidents. One of my favorites happened just the other day. We were going to see this lady but thought we'd park down the street and knock on some doors along the way, so we parked in this empty lot by a house. We walked up the street, met some great people, talked with the lady for about a half hour and then walked back to the car. As we were getting into the car we hear "why are you parked on my lot?" So we turn to the house and there is this little old lady (she had to be in her 90s) and she just starts yelling at us and waving her cane! I should've felt bad, but I was trying too hard not to laugh at this adorable old lady yelling and waving her cane!:) haha it was so funny! 
The Yesterday we met a couple really great people!:) we knock on this door and this lady comes to the door. We try sharing a message about Christmas and she doesn't want to hear it but her husband comes to the door and pushes her out of the way and says "Go BYU!! I love Brigham Young!!" I thought there was a criteria for BYU fans of either living in Utah or being LDS, but boy was I wrong. This man LOVES BYU. he was very adamant that he's not going to change religions but he's a huge cougar fan! So I'm hoping we were one knock closer to him wanting to hear from missionaries :) he was a hoot.
And also yesterday, we met this little old man named William. He was in his late 80s and doesn't hear to well so I had to stand really close and talk pretty loud. We were talking about Christ and Christmas and all of a sudden he says "you have nice teeth." Hahaha I didn't really know what to say to that so i said "thanks! So do you" and he said "yeah, but honey... Mine are bought." Haha I about died. And then after talking to him for another couple minutes he said "honey, I've been praying for someone to come to my door. And I think they're here." I started thinking the heavens had opened and this man was a miracle and then... I hear a voice behind me. It was a maintenance man coming to put up Williams Christmas tree. Hahaha
Laughter is the greatest thing!:) without it, missionary work would be pretty hard because you have to learn to laugh at the rude people or else you'll just get discouraged. Haha like yesterday, we met this man who was very apposed to the church. He was so intelligent and had studied theology and was trying to talk about contradictions in the Book of Mormon and then he said "Moroni is a phony" but his pronunciation of Moroni was Moronee so he said "Moronee is a phony" and I couldn't help but laugh. I kept myself together until we walked away and then I about died!
This week I have been reading through the new testiment about Christ's life and birth. And as I was reading about his birth i started to try to put myself in the shoes of different people from the story. Mary, Joseph, the wisemen, the innkeeper. And obviously by the subject line of this email, I want to talk to you about the innkeeper. As I put myself in the innkeeper's place and looked at the story from that perspective I came to a realization. We are all inn keepers. We all decide whether or not there is room enough for Christ in our lives (inn). Not just during the Christmas season, but every single day. What things do you do to make room for Him? Christ gave His life for you, so I would challenge you to dedicate more of your lives to Him. I know life is busy but I also I know that lasting and eternal joy will come as you make Him the center of your life. :) He loves you and wants to be a part of your life, so what kind of innkeeper will you be? The innkeeper who makes room for Christ in the chaotic craziness of life? Or the innkeeper who says their inn is full? You get to decide!:) That's the beauty of life.:)
Love you all!!:) have a great week!
Love, Sister Nield

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