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Monday, January 12, 2015

Building Zion

Well folks.. Another Week has come and gone. I don't have a ton of time to email today because we're getting ready to go do exchanges down in Dansville and Gowanda. There are so many perks to being a sister training leader! I get to spend a day being companions with someone totally different and I get to learn from them and serve them and help them in anyway I can!
A lot of good things have been happening lately! Sister McLaren and I made a good enough impression I guess because the Williamsville YSA branch, that meets in the same building as the Amherst ward, asked to have us serve with them as well! The other day we were finishing up a
lesson and noticed as we were walking away that we had a missed call from President. No matter how many times I see his name pop up on the phone, it still manages to give me a heart attack. When we called him back, he told us about a meeting we needed to go to for the stake and how we should just let them know that we are serving in the Clarence area and in the YSA and that we'll be doing exchanges with Dansville and Gowanda. At this point we had no idea that we were actually going to be serving in the YSA but as a companionship we had talked about "what if".. Then President so nonchalantly says that we'll be serving there. What a great blessing that I get to serve in 2 different units! Haha It makes sundays a little complicated though. Ward council from 8:30 - 10ish amherst sacrament mtg at 10, after sacrament we have to do splits. one of us goes to gospel principles and relief society and the other goes to branch correlation and branch council, then the branch starts at 1:30 then sunday nights we have ward correlation. As if Sundays weren't already the most stressful day of the week, now its basically ALL meetings!
We do have quite the YSA miracle though. We had taught a lesson to this girl who was YSA age. She's an aid for one of our members in the Amherst ward. We started by teaching Sister Stebbins and then taught her aid the restoration, she really liked it and said she wants to start building a relationship with God. We were also trying to figure out how we would hand her over to the YSA elders and then we found out that we get to be YSA as well! HUGE miracle because Friday night we went to see her again and we started teaching her the plan of salvation and she kept asking these great questions and she asked us how we knew that this was all true. The spirit was so strong in that meeting, I will never be able to explain it! And we committed her to be baptized on February 14! Tonya is such a miracle for me! She really wants to know if it's true and it's so great that she works with Sister Stebbins so often because sister stebbins wants to read the Book of Mormon with her and pray with her. She has been such a powerful member missionary! Please keep her in her prayers! She really needs the gospel in her life!
I'm sorry that I don't have a ton of time! But now you at least know I'm alive. No need to email the mission Pres mama!;) haha Love you all! have a GREAT week!
Love Sister Nield

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