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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Feast Upon the Words of Christ

Ok. So if you haven't seen on Facebook yet from my mother posting pictures, I've been transferred! What a crazy, unexpected, bittersweet change!
This weekend we had stake conference. Sister Locher and I were getting pretty nervous about transfers and what would happen! We were best friends and we were hoping and praying that we'd stay together! After the adult session of conference, we went up to go say hi to Pres. Francis. We shook his hand and he grabbed my shoulder and said "have you received your assignment yet?" My heart about pounded out of my chest. The only times an assignment is extended is for Sister Training Leaders or Site Trainers and I was already a Sister Training Leader so I thought for sure I was getting transferred. He could apparently see the wheels turning in both mine and Sister Locher's head because he finally said "You're giving a training at MLC. The assistants will be calling you soon." We about DIED! Obviously that meant that we'd be staying together!
So then the day of transfer calls comes and our district leader tells us I'm getting transferred! I was so angry because I thought they were joking, but they weren't. I have never cried so hard to leave an area. I LOVED the people and Sister Locher and I just worked so well together and we saw so many miracles and I just couldn't believe that after President telling us that we were staying together that we'd get transferred! I was transferred to Farmington, which is right next door to my last area. I'm in south Palmyra now. I live next door to the temple and the Smith Farm is right down the street. As sad as I was to leave Shortsville/Canandaigua and Sister Locher and Becky, I've been wanting to be Sister Olsen's companion for such a long time! And it finally happened! She's so awesome! She's been out a transfer longer than I have. We lived together for a week during pageant and have pretty much been best friends since. At transfer meeting, President could tell I was a little upset to leave and so he came up to me after and told me that these changes happened very last minute but he knows that this is where I need to be! That's comforting to know! Sister Olsen is from Elko Nevada and she's an amazing singer. We are going to have so much fun together. We already are having so much fun together!:) 

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