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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Another GREAT Week

So a TON has happened this week! Where to start?
Well Tuesday night for our tuesday devotional we heard from D. Todd Christofferson!!! That's the 2nd apostle I've heard from since being here!! Ballard was the first! But It was sooo cool because it was the new Mission President's seminar so we had Christofferson, Nelson, Ballard, Bednar, Anderson, and Oaks all at our devotional!!! It was so amazing to feel the spirit of having so many apostles of God in the same room! and I was literally 45 yards away!! I can't believe it!!! 
Then we started visitor's center training on Wednesday so we got to go up to Temple Square to talk to the sisters up there! It was so amazing! And this lady that's over all the Visitor's Centers told us how we got picked to be Visitor's Center sisters!! I can't believe I was ever upset about going to a visitor's center! She told us that when we turn in our papers and the apostles are looking through them, they look at our pictures and if they see "the light of Christ in your smile and the atonement in your eyes" they set us aside to decide which center we go to! How incredible is that?! And it was funny! One of our teachers was saying that as VC sisters, we hold the machine guns in missionary work, whereas everyone else has squirt guns! We get a dedicated building, resources and artifacts, plus scriptures and our testimonies whereas everyone else gets scriptures and testimonies! I really am so excited to get to New York and to meet all the new people that will be there!
Leah asked us to continue to meet with her, even though our last day was last Friday! It's been amazing to see the change in her just from the last few days!! Last night we really got a break through with her though! She asked us how she can know that what she's feeling is God and not the influence of Sister Hunter and I. Thank goodness for the spirit and hours of studying because I showed her Moroni 7:13-14. I explained to her that it doesn't matter if she KNOWS whether it's from God or not, but that if it makes her feel good and makes her want to do good things then it's probably from God and it should be acted on. The spirit testified of so many things to me last night and it testified of so many things to Leah through the things that we talked about! Most of what was said most definitely was from the Lord! There are so many miracles in this work!! I can't even wait to get out into the mission field!
Thanks everyone who's sent dear elders!! it's so nice to hear from you guys! 
I leave for New York Monday! Mom and Dad, I'll probably be calling around 7ish or during my layover in Atlanta around 11 or 12! Be ready to answer the phone!!:) I'm so excited to talk to you guys!!! 
I haven't really gotten homesick though.. There really isn't much time! Know that I love you though!!! EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU!!! and Remember that our Heavenly Father loves y'all so much and He is ALWAYS there for you!! Turn to him in prayer and you can receive so many miracles in your lives!!!
Love Always
Sister Nield


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