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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Let It Snow

Mama, I got your package this week! Thank you!:)
I hate when it's time to email because it feels like the week has gone by so fast and I never know what to share. Every week is so different, but so much alike. It seems like everything just runs together since time is going so fast.
It's snowed a lot.. Haha I'm a bit jealous of the 50-60 degree weather in Utah! Of course the one winter I'm gone it decides to be warm there ha no it's really funny. So Clarence is a wealthier place. People are fortunate enough to have houses with garages, people have their long driveways plowed and fail to shovel their walkways to their front door because they just use their garage. Sister McLaren and I have had to just trudge through lots of snow to get to people's doors. With all the snow we've got, it comes up about mid thigh so by the time I get to the door and back, my tights are COVERED in snow--top to bottom.
So the other day, we walked up to this house, knocked, no answer.. So we decided to go across the street and since we have to walk through the snow anyway, I though I'd be smart and just walk through the yard to the street. Well on the sides of the road are mountains of snow from the snow plows. So we're walking through the snow and I get to the mountain of snow and I'm up to my stomach in snow and I realize I'm stuck. I can't move. Haha. I can't turn around, I can barely move my feet. So I have to try as hard as I can go lift my leg above the snow and luckily at the top the snow was packed enough that I could pull the rest of my body out of the snow and slide down the mountain. Gotta love the Buffalo experience.
Tonya has really been moving forward. She's had about half of the YSA branch come to her lessons, so she's met quite a few people, but she's still not feeling like she's ready to come to church. It was so cool though, last week when we were teaching her I asked her how she feels when she reads the Book of Mormon. She said, "I know it's true. There's no other explanation for it. It has to be true." I was so amazed. She is so prepared, she just needs to come to church! She'll feel the spirit so much stronger if she comes. She has become such a good friend. That's one thing that I love about serving in the YSA branch. I get to teach people that are my friends. My favorite thing has been to see the light in Tonya's eyes grow brighter and brighter over the last couple weeks. She's growing so much. :)
I've thought a lot this week about the blessings that come from "forgetting yourself and going to work". God is so good. As I've tried my hardest to not think about myself, focus on the people and give everything to them, I feel like I've been the one to receive the greatest blessings from it. I get to witness the growth of each of the people that were working with. I've seen Gods hand in their lives. I've learned more to strengthen my testimony than I can even explain. It's just so interesting how in our commitment to serve others, we still benefit so much more than we'll ever realize. :)
Oh and it was so crazy! I got an email from Sister Andrus (my trainer) since she went home just a couple weeks ago. Now she's Turia, not sister.. It really hit me that I'm not going to be here forever. YUCK!! Buffalo has been so good to me!
Sister Nield!

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