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Monday, February 23, 2015

Endure To The End

So we got a major heat wave this week! Not only was it positive, but it was in the double digits. Yesterday we hit 24 degrees! Wahoo!! I felt like I could wear my skirt with no tights. :) haha
This week has been super crazy! Sister McLaren and I gave trainings at both our zone meeting and Buffalo south's zone meeting! It went pretty well! We took them on a journey talking about 4 different principles of following up. I get so nervous before trainings because I want them to be so perfect, but once we get going they always turn out pretty good! 
After buffalo South's zone meeting, we went on exchanges with our Freedom sisters! It was so fun to see how they were doing. There haven't been sisters in Freedom for 25 years and it's cool to see the miracles that they're seeing! Exchanges are probably my favorite part of being a Sister Training Leader. I love being able to see the sisters and learn from their missionary work! After their exchange we were on our way to go to our other sisters in Gowanda and we got a phone call for an emergency Mission Leadership Council (MLC) the next day so we had to cancel with our other sisters and drive home to spend the next day with President Francis preparing us for when the 2 members of the seventy will be speaking to us tomorrow. That should be fun! 
We faced a lot of challenges this last week! Lots of tough things happened, and as much as that's a part of missionary work, and as many times as it happens, it's NEVER any easier. Tuesday we had an investigator who was in a really bad place and within 10 minutes of trying to talk to him and help him, we had a member call us and she was facing some MAJOR struggles. She'd been a member for a year and was REALLY struggling. Then we had to cancel our exchanges with Gowanda. Then the day before our sites trip, Tonya said she didn't want to meet with us anymore. I mean one thing after another kept happening... Talk about my heart being ripped out... But I was reading in the Book of Mormon the other day and I read one of the scriptures that I'd read a million times! But this time it meant something different for ME. 2 Nephi 31:20 says "Wherefore, ye must press forward with a steadfastness in Christ, having a perfect brightness of hope, and a love of God and of all men. Wherefore, if ye shall press forward, feasting upon the words of Christ, and endure to the end, behold, thus saith the Father: ye shall have eternal life." I know that the Lord was so aware of me and what Sister McLaren and I had to go through this last week and as I read this scripture I knew that it was up to me to Press Forward and Endure to the END! This week it felt like everyday I was just trying to endure until the end of the day. I was so comforted to know that as I kept enduring, the Lord would help me. It was also kind of a spiritual kick in the pants saying "Sister Nield! Get your act together! You've been through hard times before and you know that it's going to make you a better person so stop whining!" haha I need a spiritual kick in the pants every now and then! 
And despite the hard things we went through, there were SO many things to be grateful for! Sister McLaren have gotten even closer over this last week! We got to spend a day with President, the other STLs and Zone Leaders. We got to have an amazing lesson with Steve and committed him to baptism which he'd been thinking about before we even asked him. We got to go to the sites with the YSA and it felt like I was home again! I got to take tours at each of the sites! I got to go through the grove in the snow and it was BEAUTIFUL! 
There are going to be things to endure but despite those things there are also things to enjoy! President Hinckley said "Life isn't just to be endured but enjoyed". So much wisdom in one statement! Find happiness in the little things:)
I love you all and how you have a great week!:)
Love Sister Nield


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