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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Where He Needs Me To Be

Well here we are again. Emailing. I feel like I was just doing this yesterday. I know I've said that a million times but seriously... Time goes by way too fast.
To start off. I didn't get to see Elder Holland... I'm still a little bitter, but I'll move on eventually. I was at the Hill that night and he went to the Smith Farm and the publication site. Of course the Hill wasn't on their list of things to do so I sat at the front desk, and while Sister Rogers and I waited for visitors, I threw a pity party by watching his conference talks between tours. Haha I'll admit it was a "Laman and Lemuel" moment for me. Not my proudest moment. But all is well. Our car was in the shop for 4 days. Walking 30 miles to and from Palmyra was rough. JK, the sisters in our apartment carpooled with us which was great. It was a bit hard though since we didn't get to have a lot of time in our area. Numbers for the week were a bit low, but hey, we won't go over on miles for the month;) haha that was secretly a tender mercy to have our car in the shop. We got cut on miles this month and we didn't know what we were going to do since we were scheduled opposite of all the sisters we could carpool with and driving to and from palmyra is about 20 miles over our daily limit. But putting our car in the shop helped big time!:)
Yesterday was an area day. I love those!! They used to make me nervous, but I love going out and seeing people now. Yesterday we had so many plans. We had people to see, a service project, streets to tract, former and potential investigators to contact, a couple referrals to find. The whole shebang. Well, our service project cancelled. Our referral's address doesn't even exist. NO ONE on the street we tracted was home. Lorraine (our wonderful sister with a baptismal date) wasn't home. She's cancelled our last 3 appointments. I'll admit, that was another Laman and Lemuel moment for me. I murmured. I was so frustrated that Sister Rogers and I have been doing everything we can. We've been making an extra effort to be EXACTLY obedient, we set goals, we make plans, we have these righteous desires. WHY ISNT IT WORKING OUT?! Well I'll tell you why. It was at that moment that I heard a voice inside my head that said "you aren't where I need you yet". BOOM! Just like that I was humbled. The Lords timing is perfect. That doesn't mean things are going to go the way we plan, but the Lords plan is MUCH better than what we ever plan. Sister Rogers and I said a prayer asking where the Lord needed us. We felt the need to go see our other referral now. So we went. We've tried this referral at least 4-5 times and she's never home. Well we show up at her house and she had just gotten home from work and was getting things ready to leave. Had we tried her earlier, she wouldn't have been home. Had we waited until later, when we were planning, it would've been to late. She would've been gone. I wasn't where the Lord needed me yet, but he led us exactly where we were needed in the right timing. We got to have a great lesson with Kimberly and set a return appointment. We also got to see quite a few other people. One of my favorites was Greg and Nanon. They just got married a couple months ago. Nanon has been a member for 20-30 years and Greg is born again Christian, but he LOVES the missionaries and he LOVES the Book of Mormon. We got to have dinner with them and really talk about the restoration of the gospel and it was one of the first deep doctrine lessons that I've had. He was asking a bunch of great questions and it was wonderful. Well he didn't even wait for our invitation to church and invited himself!:) this is one of those times where it's more than ok to invite yourself. And they said we have to come back for my birthday!:) they are so great! We've gotta get him baptized before he moves back to Arizona. He's so ready! Over all. Yesterday, our numbers were higher for our key indicators than all of last weeks! The Lord has a special place for each of us and if things aren't going the way we're planning, then we aren't where He needs us to be yet! Seek His guidance in EVERYTHING!! It makes the world of difference! Then I took Sister Rogers to Nick Tahou's to get garbage plates today!:) giving her the true Rochester experience!:) haha they're really good! She loved it! When I bring everyone back here, garbage plates are mandatory!:) then there's college club soda where you get 24 little bottles of homemade soda for 8 bucks and it's in this super sketchy warehouse. It's like the perfect place for a kidnapping in a horror movie. But it's totally safe:) don't worry!:)
I love you all!:) I hope you have a stellar week and really... Find out where the Lord needs you!
Love Sister Nield

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