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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Dequoit for life! Or At Least Another Transfer.‏

Well everyone. I've made it through 3 transfers. Transfer calls came this week and I'm staying in Irondequoit for another one. (I knew I would since I'm training) but I'm so happy to be staying. This place feels like home to me. Ghettos and all. I love the people here, I love the ward (even if I wanna hit them upside the head sometimes for not talking to investigators like they should), I love the sisters that I get to serve around here. Dequoit is the gangster name for the area according to Elder Haines, one of the ap's in my district. What a goober. I loved my district last transfer and I'm sad that it's
changing so much. AP Haines is going to train for his last 2 transfersin Tonowanda and elder little field (our DL/ ZL) is going out to Batavia to follow-up train. But all the sisters are staying the same!:) That's nice! I don't know the elders that are coming in but I've heard here pretty nice so hopefully we have a good transfer. Sadly with transfers, that means that sisters go home. That's one of the things that is so bittersweet about this mission. ALL of the sisters get to know each Orr and love each other and we all become so close, so when transfers come around and sisters leave, it's so sad!:( but once Sister Andrus's group goes home, there will be 7 months where no sisters go home because there were 7 months where no sisters came in. That means that after January, I will be in the 3rd oldest group of sister in the mission. There were only 2 groups that came out before my group. That's weird because we're all still so young in the mission.
My birthday was wonderful! I couldn't have asked for a better way to spend it. So our less active, Traci, brought her daughter who's 18, to lunch with us. Traci is the only member in her family, but her husband has been taught everything. He had cancer and his health was really bad and the elders gave him a blessing and now he's cancer free. The whole family has a testimony of the priesthood and the church but they're too comfortable in their lives right now. Not even being cured from cancer changed his mind. Crazy man..;) I love them. But we went to a little bakery for lunch and Shaylee just started asking all these questions about the church and we got to teach her the restoration and
it was so cool because Traci was helping us answer the questions and she kept saying "We believe.." That's huge!!:) she still has such a strong testimony! And she was so glad that we were able to answer
Shaylee's questions because Shaylee's has been searchingly for God in her life. That made my birthday WONDERFUL! So I've already sent the pics but for Halloween, all the sisters in our district dressed up like zombies. Oh my gosh! It was so funny! We weren't allowed out after dark so we had district meeting instead. Well our district leader jumps out of the primary room to try to scare us but once he saw our faces, he got a little scared. It was super funny. We got a few really good pictures. Finally after 3 weeks we got in contact with Lorraine again. She fell off the face of the earth for a while and wouldn't answer her phone, wouldn't answer her door. And one day I felt like we needed to try her one more time before we dropped her. So we went to her house and knocked on the door and she opened it and invited us in like nothing had happened. As we talked with her, we found out that she didn't want us to come until she'd done more reading in the Book of Mormon so we could have a good discussion. So we're hoping that she'll find the time to read. She needs to make time. But we're hoping that she'll have a spiritual experience while she reads that will confirm to her that it's true!
The big miracle for the week: since I came to Irondequoit there was a family in the formers section of our area book that I felt like we needed to go see, but with how crazy summer was and how few area days we had, we'd never gotten the chance to stop by. Well now we've switched to our winter hours at the sites which gives us a few more hours to get into our area so sister Rogers and I decided that we were going to go over and see them! They were so excited to see us and so excited to invite us back! They still keep in contact with the sisters that had taught them years ago.. The only thing keeping them from baptism is that his family is very catholic. But we know that the Lord will bless them if they obey Him so we're hoping that they'll continue to be enthusiastic about meeting with us, and that they'll take the steps they need to progress. And their kids are super sweet. I'm so glad that I know that my family can be together forever and I hope I can help their family become eternal as well!
Now that it's time to think about Thanksgiving, start thinking of all the things you're grateful for! I want to hear what everyone is grateful for, so let me know!:) I'm thankful for all of you! Thank you everyone for the prayers. They are felt! Thanks for all the love and support! Know that I love you all and I'm so grateful for you all in my life!
Much love,
Sister Nield

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