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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

8 ft under--or 60 degrees‏

I'm sure many of you have heard about the weather conditions here in western NY. More specifically in the Buffalo area. They got pounded with 8 feet of snow. Being right between Lake eerie and Lake Ontario creates a lake effect, causing more snow. However, 8 feet of snow is an entire season of snow that fell in the course of 2 days! Luckily all the missionaries there are safe. They've been looked inside for the past few days (I'm not sure if that's for safety precautions or if that's because there's a wall of snow blocking their doorways). Now,we've gotten snow in Rochester, it accumulated for a few days and we had maybe 3-4 inches. So we didn't have a problem with the lake effect here (at least not yet). Then all of a sudden, BOOM! Saturday, it was 40 degrees. The majority of the snow melted. Sunday it was about 50 degrees and rainy; all the snow melted. Then yesterday. Yesterday was heaven. We hit 60 degrees yesterday. Too bad today it's back to 35 degrees. The wind chill here is brutal. Thank goodness for gloves and coats.
This week was full of many wonderful surprises and events. First off we had zone conference this week!:) I LOVE zone conferences! And this conference we had the Rochester east zone (that's me) and the Rochester west zone combined. The Rochester west zone only has elders because there aren't any full-pros (only proselyting areas for sisters) areas open in that zone right now. So we had 4 companionships of sisters and then a LOT of elders. We have zone conference from 9-4 so for one of our activities the 2 zones split up and created our own title of liberty. Haha greatest thing ever! Ours looked pretty sweet! Our sister from California wrote on it graffiti style and it just looked awesome. But then the roch. west zone leaders get up to show theirs and Elder Littlefield, who just got transferred out of my district last transfer, had written on their title of liberty "the buffer zone" and he said: "there are 2 reasons why we're called the buffer zone. #1 we're obviously the stronger zone and #2 we're here to protect the buffalo zones from the sisters." Hahaha I about died. And if you knew Elder Littlefield, he's the biggest softy in the world. So as soon as he says that he really quickly says "not that we don't love you sisters. Cause we do. But. You know. It was just a joke..." Hahaha I thought it was hilarious! It was also so wonderful to spend the day with President Francis and his wonderful wife! They are such a blessing to this mission. It really hit me hard. Sister Francis was
talking about what a blessing it is to serve in this mission. What a sacred place to serve. And then she said: "only 167 people out of the 7.2 billion people in the world and 15 million members of the church, only 167 people get the opportunity to serve here NOW!" It's so neat to think about how the Lord trusted me to serve here in this sacred place. What an honor!! A lot of changes are being made in the mission to help us be more successful. We've been trusted to serve here, so we need to be the very best that we can be. Change is good. Hard sometimes but it's good. It was so crazy! After talking about all the changes that we're making in the mission now, President announces that he has a big announcement to announce at site meeting (we have site meeting every Wednesday night at the Hill Cumorah with the site directors which are like mission presidents over the sites. so President Francis
isn't usually here unless it's super important). All of the sisters were freaking out about what's is announcement could possibly be. You'll never guess what the announcement is. This is seriously
changing my entire mission!! "All sisters who aren't in the 12 week program (training and trainer) will be full-pros (no sites) for the winter months. November-March." My first thought was "that's awesome! More time in the area = more people to teach = more success" but then I started thinking about it and it kind of broke my heart a little. Unless I'm training, I won't get to finish my mission in the sites, unless you guys come pick me up so I can take you on tours. My heart is so split between being in the area and being in the sites. There really isn't anything quite like giving a great tour. My heart really is in the sites. I love being out in the area and teaching and meeting so many people. I love that and I get so excited every time I get to go into my area. But those sites are so special. The spirit is so strong. Being able to testify that joseph smith is a prophet on a daily basis in a dedicated place has been a highlight of my mission. Joseph Smith has become my best friend. I get to hang out at his house more often than I'm at my own apartment. I've really come to know him and love him as a prophet of God. He really did restore Christ's church to the earth. I know that with all the assurance of my heart. So I'll survive not being in ththe sites for a few months but I'm praying to finish my mission there! Presidents announcement is definitely a good thing for the mission though!:)
One last announcement!:) our family came to church this week!!:) They're so ready for this gospel!:) I have never seen someone more prepared!:) I love this family so much and I was so proud of the ward for being so friendly! They did a good job of welcoming the Skerretts!
Well I hope you all have a happy Thanksgiving! Stay safe! And choose the right!:)
Love Sister Nield

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