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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mother's Day and the Middle of May

Holy Moly.... Every day I am just more and more amazed and shocked and sad that time just never seems to slow down! It feels like just yesterday I was skyping for Christmas and now I've already skyped for Mother's Day.
You can definitely tell that summer is on its way out here in Western New York. The humidity makes it feel like you're breathing water, the temperature has been in the 90s the last few days, we're getting huge thunder storms. It's wonderful! I love it here! And I'll take the 90 degree wheather over -35 any day! haha
Also the sites are really starting to pick up! We've been getting quite a few guests and it's only going to get busier and busier as the school year starts to wrap up and people start vacationing! I am so glad that I get to be here for the summer! I love being able to serve in these sacred places and to be able to talk to people about the wonderful things that happened here!
I had a really neat experience yesterday as we were serving at the Joseph Smith farm. It was about time for us to leave for the day and we had a lesson with Becky planned so I was getting pretty excited. And then this younger woman comes in all by herself. I greeted her and she said needed to use the restrooms. So we were about to leave and the senior elder that we were serving with started talking to her when she got out of the bathroom. She was on her way to Colorado. She was stationed at one of the military bases here in New York and was on her way to a different one in Colorado. As he was talking to her I just felt like I needed to go out and talk to her, so I did. We started talking and I found out she'd had a couple elders that had met with her twice before she left and she heard the sites were here and she really felt like she needed to stop in. So I offered to take her on tour. As we entered the log home, we talked about what she remembered from the Joseph Smith story and she'd remembered quite a bit. So we went out and stood on the back porch and I recited the first vision for her and she started to get tears in her eyes. I let the spirit sink in a little before asking how she felt. She talked about this peaceful feeling she was feeling and we told her it was the spirit. I then asked her what it would mean for her if this all was true. And she said "Everything... This would mean everything to me." I sent her out to the grove and she was so excited to pray about Joseph Smith in the place where Joseph knelt and said his prayer. These sites are so sacred and whether or not you're a member, they have the power to change lives and strengthen faith. I'm so blessed to get to serve here! 
After, we went to the Hill Cumorah and we had a lesson with Becky. We went through the baptismal interview questions with her. She's right on track for May 23!:) It was so great! One of the questions asks if she understands and is willing to make and keep the covenants made at baptism. A while ago, when talking about covenants I told her that we always get the better end of the deal with covenants, so when we asked her this questions she said "Well that's an easy question. Of course, plus like you said, we always get the better end of the deal" We really do. Our Heavenly Father loves us so much and is so excited to bless us! 
I love you all so much and hope you have a great week!
Love Sister Nield

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