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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Prayers Are Answered

Every time I come to the library to email, I ask myself "How is it already P-day again?" I feel like I just emailed home and like there really haven't been any major changes since last week!
But good things are happening here in NY! Sister Locher and I are working so hard to keep Shortsville on fire even while we're at the sites! It's so fun to be able to share the gospel with one of your best friends! It makes the work so much more enjoyable! I'm pretty sure everyone thinks we're weird though because we just laugh... ALL THE TIME. We have so much fun!
We've been able to see Becky a couple times! I love her so much! She's such a great example of faith to me! She's been going through some super challenging times, but she's been staying so strong and she really relies on God with everything she has! I love listening to her pray because she just pours out her whole heart! Sometimes I feel like I've taken the power of prayer for granted because it's something that I've had my whole life.
We got to talk to Becky a little bit this week about the power of prayer and we talked a lot about how our Heavenly Father answers prayers. It was so fun to be able to look back on my life and to see all the different ways my prayers have been answered. Some took years to be answered. Some weren't answered the way I wanted them to be. And some were miraculous answers, but they've all been EXACTLY what I NEEDED at exactly the right time!
Sister Locher and I had a really funny story with prayer this week! Haha Yesterday we had a shift at the Book of Mormon Publication Site, so we finished our studies and walked out to the car. We start driving and we pull out onto main st Canandaigua and I see something move on the dashboard. It's safe to say my fear of spiders hasn't left me! This spider is the size of a quarter and its black, hairy, and has neon green fangs. I'm not kidding, it was seriously the ugliest thing I've seen in my life! So I'm trying not to have a heart attack, and sister Locher pulls out her water bottle to try to scare the spider so it won't come to my side of the car. We made it about ten minutes before the spider gets close enough to the windshield that the water bottle can't touch it and it scurries over to my side! At this point I'm hyperventilating. But it gets worse. It doesn't just stay on the dashboard, it crawls up by my window right above my head so I screamed and pulled over and jumped out of the car. I've never gotten out of a car so fast in my life. Sister Locher and I are both dying. She tries to kill it but it doesn't die. It falls onto the steering wheel and crawls inside! INSIDE THE STEERING WHEEL! As we're freaking out, this man pulls up in a golf cart and asks if we're ok! When we tell him it's a spider he chuckled and rolled his eyes a little and he definitely recognized us as missionaries because he said "Just pray about it!" haha Good answer...
I made sister Locher pray because I felt like it would be a little inappropriate for me to pray for something to die, so she prayed that it would stay in there until we got to the Grandin Building. So we get in the car and go to our shift. As we come out I'm trying to give myself the courage to get back in the car. There was no spider in site so we get in. I told sister Locher as I turned the car on, not to tell me if she sees the spider until we're parked so I don't cause an accident and as my hand goes to put the car in drive she yells WAIT! The Spider was on the handle! I about peed my pants and got a card and flicked it off and it was down by sister L's feet! haha You'd think her first instinct would be to step on it, but now she takes the Book of Mormon in her hands and smashes the spider! Haha We got some weird looks from the people in the parking lot, but I learned that the Book of Mormon can help in ALL aspects of our lives and that God hears and answers our prayers, no matter how little and insignificant they may be. :)
I love you all! And hope you have a wonderful week! Don't forget to pray!
Love Sister Nield


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