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Monday, September 7, 2015

Zone P-Day

Well, considering the fact that I literally emailed 4 days ago, there really isn't too much to report on. Things are still going really well. Norma called us Thursday night and told us she wouldn't be able to make it to church on Sunday. I was just devastated, but quickly responded with: "do you think you could set aside just those three hours to come to church?" And she said "you know.. You're right... I need to be there..." I feel like trying to get people to come to church is like pulling teeth, yet with Norma and James it's been so easy. They're just so prepared.
Friday was MLC and during our lunch I felt like we needed to call Norma and ask her about coffee. She's been struggling to quit after nearly 45 years of drinking it so she gets pretty bad migraines. We
asked her about it and she said "do you want to know what I had for breakfast?" My thoughts: oh no.... What happened? But her response was the quote of the week! "A cup of hot cocoa and 2 chapters of Mormon!" And she adds her cute little laugh at the end. If you knew her you'd understand. So she came to church yesterday and loved it. She participated in gospel principles and everything!:)
Also at church yesterday James sat up at the sacrament table for the first time!:) ah!!! It's just so awesome to see these people doing such good things with their lives. I felt like a proud mama.
Well, we had zone P-day today at presidents house. So fun!! We played a bunch of games. We had a kickball tournament. I started playing volleyball with presidents sons who have played in high school and stuff and everyone else wanted to join in so we had this big game going. Man it felt so good to have a ball in my hands again. It's been too long. It was hard though because it was about 95 degrees today with about 85-90% humidity! I've never sweat as much as I have on my mission!
We also saw Norma tonight and she's so excited for her baptism. She invited all of her kids to come and so Becky is planning to be there!
I just feel so blessed to have met so many amazing people!!! I have learned so much about love on my mission. My heart has just grown so much for all of these amazing people. And there's always more room for my heart to keep growing.
This week as I was reading the Book of Mormon, I was reading in Enos. I love how he explains his experience with prayer as "he wrestle which I had before God". It was something that was so intense; he put his whole heart and soul into it. He prayed all day long for crying out loud. His "soul hungered". It doesn't matter what we're praying for, whether it be guidance, help, peace, answers, strength, etc, if we will put our whole soul into it, we can have an amazing experience like Enos had. The Lord will bless us for our faith in Him. We can find comfort in knowing and trusting that the Lord will ALWAYS be there for us. So whatever your circumstances, put your trust in Him and pray with faith!!!
I love y'all!!
Have a wonderful week! I'll be talking with you again, next Thursday!:)
Love Sister Nield

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