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Wednesday, April 15, 2015


The motto for the NYRM is: The New York Rochester Mission is a baptizing, converting mission where miracles happen on a daily basis. I feel like that's quite fitting for this last week.
Sister Hall and I have been working so hard and this week it was very apparent that the Lord was blessing our efforts! We saw so many miracles! There Lord's hand was really in our work!
To start off, a few weeks ago, we met this really nice man named Don. We showed him the He Lives video and he loved it and invited us to go out to lunch with him and his secretary. So we went to lunch this saturday and were able to talk to him a lot about the gospel! He's been a marriage and family therapist for almost 45 years and was heart broken that his church decided to be accepting of same sex marriage. He really likes the family values of our church. It was so cool to see his view on it all.
Then Sunday, Sister Hall and I were trying to find a less active and no one was home, but the neighbors were outside trying to fix a flat tire, so we went over and started talking to them. We were asking them about their neighbors and then brought in the gospel and neither of them had heard of the church before. They both accepted a spanish copy of the Book of Mormon and said we could come back this upcoming Friday. YAY!!:)
Sunday was our fast Sunday and as a stake we fasted for the member missionary work! Adding on to that in my fast, I also added that Sister Hall and I would be able to reach the goal we set of having someone we taught get baptized on May 16. We've been working so hard to accomplish it!
Well Monday one of prayers was answered! I'd fasted for member missionary work to take of in this ward and we were able to teach a couple in a members home last minute! These members were mission president and wife in Provo a couple years back and were so excited to meet this couple that we've been teaching. I've never had a lesson go so well in my whole mission. And sister Hall and I barely spoke! Brother Pitts was able to ask questions that helped us to understand what their concerns were and what we needed to emphasize in the future. One of Lynn's biggest problems was she didn't know who to pray to. Since their church teaches that God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit are one, she fumbles over who to pray to. So we got to talk about how they're three seperate beings and how we pray to the Father! She said it was a huge Ah-Ha moment for her and that it all made sense! Huge Miracle!
Yesterday was probably the best day I've had on my whole mission! I don't think I've ever been so happy! But I have to preface the story, because it shows that it's SUCH a miracle! A week before I got to Canandaigua, this lady named Becky went to the Hill Cumorah and asked for the local missionaries contact info. She was in our area so they gave her our number and got her number to give to us. When I got here, we gave her a call and she said she'd be getting surgery the next day so it wasn't a good time. In the weeks following we tried over and over to get ahold of her again with no luck, and no return phone calls.:( Skip forward a few weeks to Monday evening. Sister Hall and I are planning our day for the next day which happened to be a park your car day. Our phone starts ringing and we see Becky's name! We answered and she basically asked if we could meet her at the Visitor's Center the next day. My eyes were the size of grape fruits and my jaw was dragging on the ground! So yesterday we got a ride to the Hill and we met Becky for the first time. She talked to us about how she's going through a really hard time and asked when does God step in? She was crying. I shared a personal experience and I was crying. The member that was with us shared an experience and she was crying. Basically we were in a room full of extremely emotional women. Then Becky asked why there were so many churches! So we taught her the restoration and talked a lot about the priesthood. Then she was asking other questions so we also taught the plan of Salvation. The Spirit was just radiating from this room. We invited her to be baptized and without any hesitation she said yes. We committed her to May 16 and again without hesitation she agreed! What an amazing day! I was on cloud 9 for the rest of the day! I could not believe the miracles God had given to me! 
I've really come to know that He's aware of all of our wants and desires and if our wants and desires are aligned with His will, then everything will work out in His time. All we can do is get on our knees and pray, then get on our feet and work! The Lord helps those who help themselves!
Next week is transfers so I'll most likely be going back to the sites next week!:) So life is good! God Is great!
Love Sister Nield


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