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Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Calm After the Storm

So Pageant is officially over. It was almost culture shock the day after it ended when we all of a sudden didn't have 3,000 people coming through the sites every day!
What a great miracle Pageant is though! Sister Olsen and I got to go a couple more times! We went Thursday night with Zoe (our 9 year old investigator) and her 6 year old brother Noah and their Mom! Oh they make me laugh! It was so fun to have Zoe see the Book of Mormon played out and to see her love for the people that she's been reading about! 
Then we went again Friday night as our free night for ourselves. It was so funny! We picked our seats and sat down. For about an hour or so before the show starts the cast members will go throughout the audience and share programs, a spiritual thought, and get referrals if people feel the desire to share them. As we sat down these to cast members who were both RMs start walking up to talk to us and then they see the name tags and their eyes get big and one was like "Oh... Sister Missionaries..." haha so we had them come share their spiritual message and as they left sister Olsen was like "They were totally going to hit on us until they found out we were sisters.." Sometimes I'm very grateful for the nametag!:) Of course as we were at pageant, we had to get salt potatoes! Salt Potatoes are basically the Western NY's own version of heaven. Then, NY's opposite of heaven is the mosquitos... and other bugs. Friday I got some weird bite on my foot and all of a sudden the next day it got pretty swollen... I HATE BUGS!!
Earlier Friday, we'd been serving at the Joseph Smith Farm.  Halfway through the shift, I was standing in the Log home, talking to guests as the other 3 sisters were outside talking to people and in walks this man and his wife and 3 daughters. They were wearing the cast shirt so I thought they must've been members of the cast. He looked SO familiar though... I just kept talking to them and after a minute I realize who he looks like and I looked at the nametags on their lanyards and realized "OH MY GOSH!! THIS IS ELDER DUBE FROM THE SEVENTY!!!" On the inside I was freaking out and about died, but of course on the outside I kept my cool and stayed calm and collected. I got to sit and talk to one of the two African American members of the Seventy. No big deal! haha
Ever since, things have been slowing down at the sites. It's been nice to spend more time in our area again! We've been meeting with Norma quite a bit and she's read through Jacob 5 in the Book of Mormon. That's her go-to when she's feeling stressed! It's amazing that she recognizes the peace that comes from the word of God!:) 
I love being a missionary! I love knowing that this message that I share can change lives! What a blessing it is to see people change as they come to know their Savior even better than they already did! I LOVE WHAT I DO!!!
How can so much happiness and heartache come from the same thing? I don't know but I'm sure grateful for it!
I love you all and am so grateful for your support! 
Love Sister Nield

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