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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Success Comes in Many Ways

Well... The time we've all been waiting for is here. And by the time WE'VE all been waiting for, I mean the time I've been waiting for. PAGEANT is officially here! They have the dress rehearsal tonight and opening night is TOMORROW!!! I can't believe it! It's been so crazy to drive past The Hill as we're driving to an investigator's home and see the stage get all set up in just a matter of days and now to see cast up there every day practicing!:) AAAHHHH!!!:) It just brings me so much joy! I keep looking back to my journal from last year and thinking about all the great memories from pageant last year! It's just such a great time of year!:)
All of the missionaries are required to go at least once so we all get to see it and then we can go 2 more times with investigators. What better way to learn about the Book of Mormon than to see it acted out? And my absolute favorite part is when Christ descends!:) Oh my goodness! The spirit is just so powerful! It's also really interesting to see the contrast of walking past the protesters and just feeling really yucky, and then to walk into the area where all the chairs and the stage are set up and immediately the spirit changes. :) 
This week has been quite the week! I was successfully able to make it through this week without getting fleas. You'd think that wouldn't be an issue... but it's a major issue... There are a few people that we visit where they have WAY more animals than should be legal and more often than not, the homes and the animals are less than sanitary. Haha
Monday we went and saw one of our investigators. You could see the fleas on her dog and it kept scratching and biting itself. When we went back the next day she'd also taken in a stray cat that also had fleas. Over the next couple days we've seen a few other people with flea covered animals and they're so open about it!! AHHH!!! We were teaching this one lady and her dog jumped on the couch and was sitting between Sister Olsen and I. As soon as she told us it had fleas, I tried my very hardest to not have a super disgusted/terrified look on my face and I kept inching away from the dog. For some reason it was super attached to me. It kept scooting closer and closer. It would start itching itself so I'd push it away very discreetly but it just kept coming back. Everytime we left these places I couldn't help but feel itchy and Sister O kept teasing that with how much hair I have, the fleas are probably making a nest on my head! haha BUT... I was successful in not catching them! Success can come in very different ways. 
However I was unsuccessful in the mosquito area. I have 22 mosquito bites all over myself, from my face to my feet. Welcome to Western NY..
I've also been studying Christ like attributes recently in PMG chapter 6 and today I was studying hope. "Hope is an abiding trust in the Lord". I was also reading in Alma where the people who believed Alma and Amulek were being thrown into the fire. After awhile, Amulek asks Alma if they'll also be cast into the fire. Alma's response is amazing! He says "Be it according to the will of the Lord." He has so much faith in the Lord that he knows that IF they are cast into the fire, that the Lord's plan is perfect. If they were to suffer those things, it would be ok, because the Savior knows what's best. We also have to have that kind of hope. We need that trust in the Lord that all things will work out the way they need to. I am so grateful for the Book of Mormon and the effect that it's had on my life and the effect that it has the potential to have in the lives of every single person on this earth if they will just read it with an open heart! The things we can learn from that Book are amazing! They truly will bring us closer to our Savior!
I love you all and hope you have a great week!
Love Sister Nield
P.S. the pictures show my mosquito  bite on my face and our "Pageant starts tomorrow face"


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