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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Pageant Week

I can't believe that pageant week is almost over! It's gone by way too fast but it's been a total blast, so that's great!
During pageant, we've been having the Buffalo Sisters staying with us during the weekends which means my baby Sister Rogers comes to stay with us, and the other night we had Sister Hunter and Sister Davis staying with us and we got to take them out on the roof to watch the fireflies! My favorite part is watching everyone as they struggle to get  back in the bathroom window! haha It looks hilarious! We have the greatest sisters in the world in this mission!:)
Last Friday, Saturday, and Sunday we served at the Book of Mormon Publication Site for 10 hours each which was great! I love that site so much! On Friday we had a few buses and 2,220 people throughout our shift! Saturday we had even more. I love being able to meet all these people and to be able to show them how amazing these places are! While at the Publication Site we had to give 15 minute tours, which meant walking up about 85 stairs between 30-35 times per shift. All I'm saying is I better have thighs of steel after this last weekend. Haha 
Saturday night we got James to go to pageant with us!:) He loved it! And it was wonderful because we took him to meet President before it started. Once we got them all introduced this is how their conversation went: President: "So you're working with these wonderful sisters. Are you working towards baptism?" James: "I'm thinking about it..." President: "That's wonderful I would love to attend. When's your date?" James: "Uh... I don't have one. I'm still looking into it." President: "Well how am I supposed to put it on my calendar if I don't have a date?" haha Oh how I love President! And because he's such a nice man, James felt totally comfortable with that conversation:)
Then we've spent a lot of time at the Farms this week. Monday and Tuesday at the Smith Farm and Wednesday at the Peter Whitmer Farm. EVERY TIME we're at the Smith Farm it rains. It's rained SOOO much this summer which is great (it's cooled everything down and it hasn't been too humid) but I'm not a fan when I'm at the Farms... Then yesterday at the Whitmer Farm the high was 69 degrees... This is seriously the mildest summer I've ever experienced and after this winter I think I deserve it. ;)
Yesterday as we were at the Whitmer Farm, we were giving tours to one of the 7 buses that we had and I was talking about the 3 witnesses. These men got to have such an amazing witness that they got to share with the world! THE WHOLE WORLD! They saw the angel Moroni and the gold plates and they heard the voice of the Lord telling them this work was true. And yet all three of them eventually fell away from the church. 2 came back, but it just shows that miracles don't produce a conversion. We have to constantly be building and fortifying our testimonies so that when the hard times come, there is nothing that can break them down. A conversion is a continual process. You're never completely converted. There's always more to learn; more room to grow. I'm so grateful for the opportunity that I get to serve in these amazing sites and to be able to consistently see how they help people to build on their testimonies. More often than not, they don't produce a converting experience, but they can help people to feel the spirit and build on their faith. What a wonderful place!
I love you all and hope you have a great week!
Love Sister Nield

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