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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Great Reason to Rejoice!

Ok.. So I'm apparently all disoriented on my days! I totally wasn't expecting P-day today until we started daily planning last night and I was like "Woah... when did that happen?" So it's safe to say the weeks just keep going by faster and faster. It's also really upsetting when people at the sites are ALWAYS asking how long I've been out and don't seem to be satisfied with the answer "a little over a year" so they have to ask the dang follow up question of "how long do you have left?" And when I tell them the answer is 99% of the time the same: "Oh.... you don't have to much longer" with an occasional add on from RMs "the last 6 months of my mission went by so fast..." I KNOW!! I KNOW IT GOES BY FAST! I don't need that reminder every day of my life!
So anyway! On to the week! Last week for P-day we went to hang out at Canandaigua Lake for our fun activity! It was so fun to be back in my old area and to get to walk around the lake for a bit! It was so pretty!
It's crazy how many senior couples are leaving!! We had two that left this week on the same day, so Sister Olsen and I were the head of the bubble brigade with some of the other senior couples who blew bubbles as they drove away. One of the couples was supposed to leave the day earlier and as we were serving at the Smith Farm, we saw them drive around the parking lot and go to leave, so we ran out and started running after them. When they didn't stop we rolled under the fence of the Farm (since climbing over would've been a bit harder in a skirt) and we chased them down the street to one of the other couples' home. With how fast I ran, I could probably be in the Olympics..
We met with Norma again! She is just the sweetest, little old lady! She's really struggling but every time she feels stressed, she reads from the Book of Mormon! When we saw her on Monday, she'd already read through Alma 11! I can't even believe here! And she always has the best questions! We're hoping one of the members of the ward will be able to get her a ride to church this week! She is just such an amazing seeker of truth!
But the GREATEST news for the week is that James is getting baptized on Saturday!!!:) On Sunday we had the craziest lesson with him! We had our Ward mission leader come with us and we were wanting to talk about some of the commandments but instead, after we followed up on his reading, our mission leader grabbed a sheet of paper and started talking about the line of the priesthood and how it was passed down from Adam. And he started talking about the temple and what happens inside. Thank goodness for the spirit because in my head I was like "What in the world is going on! When do I step in? This is WAY too much" But the spirit kept me from saying anything. After explaining the temple and the blessings there Brother Ward said "James, the Lord needs you here at the temple! The Lord needs someone like you, mature, with a sense of responsibility to hold the priesthood. So what do you need to do to get to the temple?" James: "Get baptized.." Bro Ward "So when do you want to get baptized?" James: "Well.. when can I?" WOW!!!!!!! We've been trying to set a date with him for the last 2-3 weeks! And all of a sudden he wanted to get baptized! He said he didn't work this weekend so we set the date for Saturday and he's all good to go! He has the interview tonight!!:) It's amazing because as we talked to James, he's just been waiting because he knows how big of a commitment it is to be baptized and he wants to make sure he's fully committed. And he's there!
My whole mission I thought that once I got a baptism, I would all of a sudden feel like a successful missionary. But now that I'm getting to see this baptism I realize that it had NOTHING to do with me! Sister Olsen and I worked with James, but he was converted by the spirit! It was all the Lord! The Lord prepared him and led us to him! It had NOTHING to do with me! A verse in Alma says "Now have we not reason to rejoice? Yea, I say unto you, there never were men that had so great reason to rejoice as we, since the world began;" How great reason we have to rejoice knowing that we have the gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives! How great reason we have to rejoice because of the blessings of the gospel! How great reason I have to rejoice to be a part of the Lord's work!
I love you all and I'm so grateful for the Love and support!
Have a great week! 
Sister Nield
P.S. pictures of Canandaigua Lake and my favorite fam from the Canandaigua ward at pageant!:)


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