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Monday, November 9, 2015


I'm actually really glad that I didn't send a weekly email last pday because not a ton has happened in the last 4 days!
Thursday we had Zone Meeting and Interviews. Sister Davis and I gave a training during Zone meeting, but we were also at the church all day doing a training+ipad checks for interviews for our Zone. Later that night we had a Stake Correlation meeting. So Thursday was JAM PACKED in meetings. 
Friday was Mission Leadership Council. That took the Majority of the day and then we had weekly planning. 
Saturday we had a stake relief society conference that we took a less active to and then we served at the Hill.
Then Yesterday consisted of church, serving at the Hill, and studies.
So since I didn't write an email last week I can fill you in on the tender mercies of the week before! We met this awesome lady that we've started teaching! I felt like I was in Rochester again!:):) She's the sweetest african-american lady and she just has so much spunk, except the difference is that she can actually stay focused on our lesson!:) Her Name is Stacey and she's honestly one of my most favorite people EVER! Every time her phone rings during a lesson, she'll pick it up and say "I can't talk right now, I'm studying with the mormons." Or she'll say "Hey I'm learning about Joseph Smith. I gotta go." The last time we were at her house, we were teaching the plan of salvation which was perfect because a couple years ago her daughter was killed, but then her phone starts ringing and it's her son who's in prison, so of course she picks it up and tells him she'll have to talk to him later cause she's meeting with the mormons. Sister Davis and I giggled a little and you can hear him on the other end saying "Are they girls?" and Stacey just died!! She was like "These are good girls! They don't wanna date YOU!" When she hung up the phone she was like "Man! He's White girl CRAZY!" Hhahaha every time we're there, we just have such a good time!:)
Dennis is also progressing pretty well now! He wouldn't read from the Book of Mormon. He wouldn't come to church, but one day we got him to come to the Hill Cumorah and we showed him the Restoration and talked about how we have a prophet on the earth and by the end of the lesson he said "You know... You've sparked an interest. I HAVE to read this book!" What an answer to my prayers! 
Then one of my favorite stories from the sites last week. I was serving at the Smith Farm and this young family comes in. Mom, Dad, two little kids. So I asked the little boy what his name was. "E-L-I. Eli." "How old are you Eli?" "I just turned 5" His mom told him to tell me when his birthday was and guess what? October 28!:) We became INSTANT BFFs:) We went out to the Log home and talked about Joseph and the first vision and Moroni. Then we went to start walking to the Frame home and he challenged me to a race. So he and I raced to a couple different benches along the way and he beat me each time (I guess our 3 mile run every morning isn't doing too much for me). Then, my favorite, we went into the frame home and talked about how Joseph buried the plates under the fire place and he gets down on his knees on the fire place and starts touching all of the bricks, he grabbs one and pulls it up and says "Heavenly Father protected the plates huh?" and I said yes He did. He looked at me with the cutest little questioning face and said "Well... are you going to show them to me or what? I'm waiting..." hahaha what a sweet child! But he knew the Lord kept His promise with Joseph, He knew the Lord would do the same for us! Such a great tour! I love kids!:)
I don't know how much longer I'll get to be serving in the different sites since it's slowing down quite a bit, but I'm so grateful for the peace that comes from these places! I've had some time, in the quite moments to really feel the spirit for ME! That's been such a comfort! I love the scripture that says "Be still and know that I am God." (D&C 101:16) It's in those moments when we can be still that we really come to know and feel God. Those are the most tender moments on my mission. When I've had those moments or when I've seen others experience those moments for the first time or for the first time in a long time. 
I love you all and hope you're all doing well!
Transfer calls come next monday so I don't know what will be happening for me last transfer since it'll be a shortened transfer, but I'll let you all know!:)
Love Sister Nield



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