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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Door Bells and Wedding Bells

Well what a week!
This week we were in the sites a ton, so we didn't get the chance to be in our area too much, but Wednesday we had an area day. We had planned out 13 people to drop in on since we didn't have a lesson planned for Wednesday and then we planned to knock on doors around these people while we were there if things fell through. We thought that should be great considering we only had about 6 hours. Well we start driving around (I'm the driver now, so be prepared for me to come home driving like a New Yorker). By the end of the 6 hours, we had rang the doorbell of EVERY SINGLE person's home that we'd planned for and then quite a few more doorbells. Want to know how many people we got to talk with? Take a guess.... You'll never guess... 1. 1 person in 6 hours and over 20 doors. (I guess 2 people if we count the catholic lady that yelled at me) haha I was so frustrated! I wanted so badly to share the gospel with all of these people and the only person that we really got to talk to was this really sweet lady in an assisted living center. Haha so the area has been pretty slow lately. Not too fun, but we're working our hardest to pick up the work!
Then Friday, we got to go to the wedding of a girl that sister Andrus had met at the beginning of her mission! It was such a beautiful wedding! I love temple weddings! That was a great way to spend our morning! It was super neat because none of the brides family is LDS and the grooms family is from Tonga so he only had a couple people there so sister Andrus and I were 2 of about 8 people in the sealing room. Quite a bit different than our family weddings, right Ma?
One thing that Sister Andrus and I have really been focusing on lately is recognizing spiritual promptings and acting on them and also trying to recognize miracles that happen in our daily work. My biggest miracle for the week was at the Smith Farm. I was giving a tour to this mom, dad, and son. He was about 17-18 so I asked if he was going on a mission. His response was a little hesitant and he said "I've thought about it but i'm not sure yet." I felt prompted to tell him the story of how I wasn't originally planning on going on a mission. I told him that I was planning on playing volleyball in college but as I prayed about it, it didn't feel right and I  just felt like I needed to come on a mission. And I told him that I miss volleyball SOOO much, but I would never do it any differently. His parents were looking at me with dropped jaws. Come to find out, he was debating on whether to play volleyball in college or not. He's from Pennsylvania and plays on a high school and club v-ball team and wanted to play in college. So I got to talk to him about my experience, and my story and He now wants to go on a mission.:) I never knew that my story could affect someone so much! After not getting to see anyone on our area day, it felt nice to know that I was still fulfilling my purpose as a missionary.:)
Always look for miracles in your lives! They happen every day! Don't let a miracle go unnoticed!:) I love you all!
Sister Nield


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