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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Transfer Week

So do you think I'm getting transferred? We got calls this Sunday night and I'm staying in Irondequoit! YAY!! I love this area! I love the ghettos, the people, it's so green here... Just everything! I'm excited to stay here for at least one more transfer and then we'll see what happens in another 6 weeks!
To start off this email, I want to start by giving a message to Mamma and Dad:
THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH for teaching me how to clean! I'm appalled at some of the homes that I've seen! And living with the 3 other sisters, I've really seen how important it is to know how to clean, and be organized! So thank you so much for making me do all those chores that I always hated! I now know that it wasn't just a form of torture, but it has helped out a ton being here and it'll help out a ton when I have my own home!
So this week was pretty fun. Sisters Andrus and Kasparian (one of the sisters who lives with us) are STL's so they had to go to a meeting this weekend and so sister Peterson (who came out with me from the MTC) had an area day by ourselves! We were both super nervous because a lot of our time has been spent in the sites so we haven't had an area day without our trainers before. So I had to drive the car. It felt so weird getting behind the wheel! But OH MY GOODNESS! We had so much success! The Lord really can work miracles with the weak and simple! As long as we're humble enough to let Him take over, he can work miracles through us! So we only had 2 hours in the area because of our district meeting and our studies but in that 2 hours, we contacted 5 people and got 4 return appointments! For this area, that's really great!
Then this weekend, Sister Andrus and I get to go to a wedding in the temple. This girl that she had met at the beginning of her mission that was a recent convert is getting married on Friday, so last transfer, our temple trip was her endowment session and this transfer it's her wedding!:) I'm super excited!
The Irondequoit Elders had a baptism on Friday and Esther was supposed to come to that, but she called about an hour before and told us that she couldn't make it because of some things that came up with her daughter! That was super sad! She's so prepared though! I'm so excited to see her again!
Yesterday was a really great day! Sister Andrus and I have a TON of fun together! We got done with our shift at the Smith Farm/ Sacred Grove and we were heading home and we saw one of the senior couples taking a walk up the road. So we thought we'd be funny and drive up behind them and honk the horn. So we did. Well, Elder Draper about jumped out of his pants! I about peed my pants from laughing so hard! Sister Andrus was crying from laughing so hard. Sister Draper didn't even jump but Elder Draper about died! haha We were laughing so hard for the full hour that we were driving home! I got super lucky with my companion! We have a lot in common and we work really well together!
Well, I love you all! Hope you have a good week!
Love Sister Nield

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