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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Last Week of Transfer #1

Whoa!!! Where has the time gone?! Today starts the last week of my first transfer! This week has been pretty eventful! It's had it's ups and downs, but all in all, I'm SOOOO grateful to be part of this work! I've gotten to see so many instances where the Lord is working in peoples lives and preparing them for our message!
Sister Andrus and I have been praying to find new people to teach because our teaching pool is pretty small considering, we get about an hour or so in our area a day since we live an hour away from the sites. But last Tuesday, we went to visit a recent convert named Bill to teach him about the Aaronic Priesthood. Well, he was home alone so he asked his neighbor to come over. She's not a member and neither was her friend that came to visit. And guess what happened?! We ended up teaching them the restoration and about the Book of Mormon! We gave them a chapter to read and we're going to see them tonight to see how it went! They were totally open to reading it and it made so much sense to them that the Lord would want us to have the Book of Mormon AND the Bible!
Then, we got to go see our progressing investigator, Mary. Her brother passed away so she wasn't able to come to church last week and she hasn't really been keeping up with her commitments so we'd been thinking about dropping her. Well, when we went to see her she had read a couple chapters in the Book of Mormon and made a list of questions that went along with it about things she didn't understand! What a HUGE answer to my prayers! I didn't want to drop her! I want her to feel the happiness that comes from this gospel, so hopefully she starts really keeping her commitments!
Esther, the cute black lady that I sent pictures of last week, she agreed to come to the Elder's investigator's baptism this Friday! I'm so excited for her to be there!! She is such a golden investigator! It was so funny! We dropped in to see her Friday night and she just kept saying that we have this glow about us. She said "I don't know how else to say it, but I feel like I'm looking at the Lord when I'm looking at you! You never stop smiling!" hahaha it was so funny!:)
So yesterday, I was serving at the Smith Farm. I was sitting in the main office cause I wasn't taking a tour yet, so I was on the phone with an investigator and I'm also watching the people who are walking in. Well, out of nowhere I see Sammy Cox (libero in volleyball)!!! I was so shocked that I stopped talking for a second and the lady on the phone was like "are you still there?!" haha It was so great and I got to take her family on tour and she told me she'll be turning in her mission papers soon! She'll be a GOLDEN missionary!! I'm so excited for her!
Mamma! Thank all the family for the letters and the pillow case! Tell them all I love them! I'm sad I didn't get to go to the reunion this year but I'm where I need to be! Irondequoit is EXACTLY where I need to be right now, and I can't imagine being anywhere else!
I love you all! I hope you never take for granted the fact that you have the gospel in your lives, because some people aren't as fortunate! I'm grateful for you all in my life!
Love always
Sister Nield

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