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Sunday, August 3, 2014

First Full Week in the Field!

So SURPRISE!! I get to email today because we don't have to move down to Newark (New York not Jersey) for Pageant! My p-days will be on tuesdays for the next couple transfers and then we'll see as the next transfers come. (it depends on the area)
First off I want to say congrats to Kyle on becoming DISTRICT LEADER!!! You're going to do GREAT!!! I'm so proud! You'll be the best DL France has ever seen! And kick some booty in Lille for me!:)
So my trainer is sister Andrus! She's from Mapelton UT and she played volleyball for Springville High! She also went up to Utah State for a year! She's super cool! We get along really well!! She's taught me so much!!
So so far I've been able to work in the Book of Mormon Publication Site (BOMPS) and the smith Farm! I'm glad that you guys got the pics that those families sent! That was so nice of them to text you pictures!! Everything has been super busy!! We live an hour away from the sites so most of our study time is done in the car depending on whether we have a morning shift or an evening shift! I've had some super powerful experiences in the sites! 
So our area right now is called Irondequoit! I absolutely LOVE it! Half of it is the ghettos and the people are seriously so open to talking to us! It was so funny though! The other night we met up at a park with one of the members for dinner and we were just sitting in the grass eating mcdonalds while her son was playing on the playground and I went to throw something away and this lady from across the park yells some nonsense that can't be understood and then all these cops pull up! Ivy (the member that we were with) told us that it was a drug bust on the corner by where we were sitting and the lady was yelling jibberish to warn everyone that the cops were coming! HAHAHA I about died! It's so funny! I'm in the ghettos but I feel just as safe here as I did in Cache Valley! The Lord definitely protects us! And Don't worry mom and dad! It's not all ghettos!! I'm safe! A lot of our area is really ritzy, nice homes! So don't freak out! The Elders in our area get most of the ghettos anyway (which I'm a little upset about) haha
Since we live about an hour away from the sites, we don't get to spend as much time in our area as we'd like so we've only been able to spend about 2 hours in our area over the last week! But it's been amazing and I've met so many wonderful people! I'm so glad I came here!!
So one of the A.P.s who's in my district is from Star Valley! His name is Elder Semadeni! Mama! He went to school with Dalton so you'll have to ask melanie about him!
I had my first experience with KIND OF feeling homesick this week! We went to Bishops house for dinner after church and his daughter had just come home from BYU for the summer and after dinner she was joking around with her mom and dad and it kind of pulled at my heart strings for a minute! It reminded me that I have parents that I did that with! That seems like it was eternities ago though! haha but hey! We've made it a month!! WAHOO!!!
Happy B-day to Koebe and Jax!! You guys are too grown up now! You've gotta stop!
RIGHETTI FAMILY!!! I hear you'll be at the pageant on the 19!! I'll be there that night so keep your eye out for me!!! And p.s. I'll be at the SMITH FARM that week so come see me!! It'll be so nice to see family!
Anyway! I'm safe and HAPPY!!! I love it here! I love you all!

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