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Thursday, August 6, 2015

In The World but Not of The World

I can't even tell you how wonderful this week has been! So many wonderful blessings!
First and foremost! JAMES IS NOW OFFICIALLY A MEMBER OF THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS!!!!! Thursday was his Baptismal interview! It went GREAT!!! Then Saturday was the big day! He was baptized and there was such a great turnout from the ward! They're so great! His girlfriend's dad baptized him then confirmed him on Sunday! I have never seen him look so happy! The gospel is such a blessing and the spirit has just really impacted him! And now he has the gift of the Holy Ghost which makes it a million times better!:) It was funny because when we were first explaining him to the bishops wife, we told her how he was GOLDEN! He has a job, a car, and all his teeth (Which in western NY is an amazing phenomenon if you have all three!!) and after the baptism we overheard her telling him what we'd said!!! Haha SO EMBARRASSING!! Sunday he was confirmed and it was so funny because, literally, almost every single person that bore their testimony bore their testimony TO HIM!!!:) They talked about their conversions and different things like that! It was so cute, there was even this little old man who got baptized a year ago who got up to tell James that if he needs any books to read, like teachings from the prophets, he'd be glad to share!:) 
Then today we had interviews! Um... I LOVE PRESIDENT FRANCIS!!! He just always knows exactly what to say to help me! Everything he said today was everything I needed to hear! We also had a picnic on top of the Hill Cumorah before our interviews! Who else gets to do that? No one..:)
We met with Norma again on Monday! She's just chuggin' along in the Book of Mormon! She'd already read through most of 3 Nephi! So by now she's probably done! We're trying to get her to the church for a church tour this week and hopefully to church! It's a bit of a challenge when she doesn't have a car to get her there! But we've got some great members who we're trying to get involved!
This month I've been focusing on the Christlike attribute of diligence! It's amazing to also be studying the New Testament and to see how Christ really is the perfect example of diligence! He always gave 100% to everything He was doing! He fasted for 40 days and still didn't give into temptation. Even when it would've been so easy for him to tell the multitudes to leave Him alone for awhile, He welcomed them with open arms and taught them all that the Father wanted them to know! While in the Garden of Gethsemane He could've easily given up and had the Father "remove the cup" from Him, but He didn't. It probably wasn't always easy for Him to give ALL of Himself ALL of the time, but because He did, WE have the chance to receive eternal salvation! Because He did, we have the perfect example to help us in our times when it would be so easy to only give a half-hearted effort. With His help, we can do all things!:)
What a blessing it is to have the Restored Gospel in our lives!!
I love you all! And I hope you have a fantastic week!
Love Sister Nield
P.S. James does smile I promise! We just can't capture it on camera!


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