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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Transfer Week

So another transfer has come and gone!
Sister Olsen got transferred to Canandaigua! I was so sad to have her leave! We were such good friends and I'm going to miss her so much, but she'll do great things in Canandaigua and she'll get home the transfer before me so I'll eventually see her at home! 
Now for the big news:
Introducing my new companion: Hermana Davis. Hometown: Smithfield, Utah (home ward, Same as Dad's). Graduating Class of 2013 and was also in Mr. Rigby's 4th grade class with me. Haha I seriously can't believe we're companions! When we got transfer calls on Monday I was seriously so excited to be her companion. I knew it would happen eventually! She's so great! And everyone in our area already loves her!:) It's going to be a great transfer!:)
Sister Olsen and I had a pretty great last week together! Norma is still doing really well. She came to church and just loved it! We had met with her on Friday and she had told us that coming to church was either going to make or break her decision to be baptized... No Pressure... But we prayed really hard that she would be able to feel the spirit while she was there. She was a little worn out by the end of it, but she absolutely loved it. She said she just learned so much and she just felt right at home! It was so funny, as we were walking out of Relief Society, she turned to me and asked "Why was that lady doing a crossword puzzle? Shouldn't she have been paying attention?" haha She is just such a crack up! And Monday, when we met with her she was talking about how she's got the beginning signs of Alzheimer's and how she worked in an Alzheimer's ward in a hospital for awhile she she said she's only expected to live for about 10 more years and then she said "That's if I live long enough to die..." When she realized what she'd said we all just cracked up laughing!
Then when I was on exchanges with the Pal-Mac sisters, I went with Sister Stoddard to do service for a member. They had told the sisters that their basement had been flooded for a few weeks and that they'd kept the door closed the entire time so it didn't stink up the house. Sister Stoddard and I were both expecting the worst. We were expecting ankle deep water, smelling like we were in the sewer, with unidentifiable objects floating around, but as soon as we started walking downstairs she took a deep breath and turned and looked at me... No smell... So we walked downstairs and there was literally no water on the floor. They'd had a de-humidifier down there. The member handed us some trash bags to start throwing away things that had been destroyed. The only things that had any signs of water damage was a wood post.. Haha So instead of cleaning out their basement, we put together a shelf. Tender Mercies are all over the place!
I just love this area so much! I love the people! I love the sites! On Saturday and Sunday I was able to take this family through the sites. One of the daughters had served here 8 years ago. One of the others was preparing for a mission in NYC and the other was a sister in one of 'The District' videos that all missionaries watch as they're being trained! That family was so amazing. The mom is a convert and now 8 of her 9 children will have served missions! I'm so lucky to be serving in such a special place!
Every single day, as I focus on where I am and the things that happened here, I almost get emotional because I'm literally living in one of the most sacred places in the world, doing one of the most sacred works that can be done. Because of the Restored Gospel, there are so many truths that have been such a blessing to my life. Eternal families! What a comfort to know that I'll have my wonderful, crazy family FOREVER! Answered prayers: We know that we have a LOVING Heavenly Father, who will give us truth as we are prepared to receive it. We are loved: Our Heavenly Father has given us so many tools to help us be happy and successful, not only in this life, but in the next. I LOVE this gospel! I'm so glad that I have it in my life!
I love you all and hope you have a great week! 
Sister Nield 


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