{mis-sion-ary, [noun] someone who leaves their family for a short time so that others can be with theirs for eternity}

Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Unexpected

Missionary work is the greatest! Everyday is scheduled out so perfectly, but of course there are always unexpected things that happen every day! This week has been so full of unexpected twists and turns! Funny moments, inspiring moments.. It's wonderful!
It all starts when we were serving at the Joseph Smith Farm. We'd been pretty busy because so many people love to come out here to see the fall colors (I can't blame them.) Sister Davis would talk to one group as I talked to another as they all came to the Frame home at the same time. I had been talking to this family for a while. One of the sons was going on a mission to the same place in Brazil that our sister here is from, so we talked about that for a while as well. After a bit, they left and I started talking to a couple from Alaska and right before they left I realized the dad from the family before had come back in and was patiently waiting in the Parlor area of the home. I went over and started talking to him, pointing him in the direction of the Publication Site and as he stepped out the door he turned to me and said "Do you have a boyfriend at home?" WHAT? Who asks that?! I must have had a VERY confused look on my face because he said "One of my sons just got home from his mission and I want him to date someone like you." haha I just made it sound like I had much longer left on my mission than I really did to avoid the awkward topic of trying to be set up....
The next unexpected moment comes from later that day. We were still at the farm and hadn't left yet and this couple walked in. As they walked in, there was just this special spirit that filled the room. He looked so familiar and they just had this really nice look! They had the look of "Mission President and wife" except they didn't have name tags, so I decided as I talked to them, that I'd ask questions to figure out who they were. I found out it was Elder Bennett from the Seventy and his wife here for Rochester's Stake Conference! They were so amazing and as I talked to them, I just felt so uplifted! I could tell, just from talking to them, that they were called of God. As he left, he gave me advice that I'll use forever. "Love the Lord, Love the people, Love the work." 
The last unexpected moment that I'll tell you happened as we went to the family history center with James. He's been looking up family names to take to the temple! As we walked into the center I heard a voice that I recognized! It was Brother Osborne from the Canandaigua ward! He is one of my favorite people that I've ever worked with! He was baptized a little over thirty years ago and went inactive shortly after. He and his wife had been inactive for over thirty years before she passed away last year. A few months after her passing, he got this feeling that he needed to go back to church and then the missionaries showed up not too long after that! As we worked with him, he was so ready to come back to church! 
Just last month, he was able to go through the temple to receive his endowment and was sealed to his wife. He sat and talked to me about his experience there for about 10 minutes and then told me that he was going to be getting his patriarchal blessing this week!
It's so amazing to see how the Lord works with His children! He knows us all so individually and knows exactly what will help us to become the best that we can become! Sometimes, like with Brother Osborne, there are unexpected ways that the Lord will get us where He needs us, but we just have to trust in His perfect plan!
I Love you all!! Have a great week! 
Love Sister Nield

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